LCMT 2022


Book your lodgings in the LCMT hotel of chalet NOW (only 33 rooms/chalets remaining)

Lodgings that could be booked thoughout our own organisation are available now. See also on the page SUBSCRIBE to learn more. We still have 33 rooms or chalets available now. Here is the booking

LINK (click here)

Reservations need to be confirmed by us before paying. Payment only in January as small price increase is still possible. 



8 chalets (max. 6 persons): you need to book with at least 4 persons

3 Basic rooms for 3 perons: has to be booked with at least 2 persons

5 Basic rooms for 4 persons: at least to be booked by 3

2 Basic rooms for 6 persons: at least to be booked by 4

13 Luxuary rooms for 3 persons: at least to be bookd by 2

2 Luxuarry rooms for 2 persons: always to be booked by 2


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Back to the future in 2022 !

Can we finally go back to future (what’s in a word)? Preparations for LCMT 2022 are now getting started again. After 2 years of forced break due to the cursed virus, we want to build up again the former tradition into the future: the 22nd edition of the LCMT, now really back on trail. The registrations of 2020 and 2021 that have been transferred ensure that only a limited number of new registrations will be possible. These are already coming in for the moment. Our registration page is open and always at the same rates as last year. Soon we will go to the Ardennes for the first time in a long time. Getting back to Spa to do our beloved preparation work in the field. As far as the stages are concerned, especially after the dramatic summer floods for the people there, we still must wait to know if all planned MTB routes can be used again next spring. There will also be a number of changes for the racing bike version, compared to what is currently announced under the CYCLO course. But more on that later.

Looking for lodging? Anyone who had already signed up for 2021 will have the first chance to renew this lodging in La Fraineuse. Thy all wil be invited to do so by e-mail invitation. Afterwards, what remains will be offered among all other participants. One inevitable thing thoug to mention: the renovation works on the Sol Cress hotel will continue in 2022. As a result, we as an organizer cannot offer more than 200 beds ourselves. We therefore advise you not to wait too long to find and book your own accommodation in the vicinity of Spa. If we can, we will soon try to share some interesting accommodation options with you.

Keep your fingers crossed that all winter training sessions may be rewarded with LCMT highlights again in May!


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Lodgings via LCMT organisation: how does it work?

Anyone who has requested an LCMT arrangement for the covid-cancelled event '21 in La Fraineuse (ADEPS center) now has PRIORITY to refresh his booking for next year's edition. After 15 November '21 ALL SUBSCRIBED PARTICIPANTS will be invited to book the remaining accommodation capacity.
What is available today to book through the LCMT organization itself in La Fraineuse?
Chalets (3 to max. 5 persons)
Basic Room (4 to 6 person rooms)
Olympic Room (4 person rooms)
Please note that in and around Spa, there is a lot of accommodation for holidays. Rooms, hotels or holiday houses... Don't wait too long though.
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Crossing our fingers for LCMT half May 2021 in Spa! How to fix your lodgings in new LCMT 2021, that will be organized for the first time in Spa?

Dear LCMT rider,

Due to the continuing and increasing corona troubles plus the accompanying delays and inconvenience (also with regard to the beautiful, but newly established Biking Box Bicycle Experience Center in Ypres / Flanders Fields), we still ask a little patience for all packages that involve ticket transfers. Some of the ordered packages have already been shipped. We try to complete everything else in the next 14 days.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 keeps coming up with new unexpected things that keep throwing the TO DO list upside down. More than before, all of our Biking Events-co-workers had to return to other 'permanent' jobs, which means that the working hours for LCMT are invariably limited. This too is living with corona ... everyone in survival mode. Therefore, a little more patience, thank you!

Lodgings in La Fraineuse? Time to take your priority (if you were subscribed in 2020)

Use this LODGINGS LINK  to pick out your room (with friend/friends)! 

Payment for lodgings via LCMT-organisation?  you will receive an invitation later in Febraury. 100% of the amount will be paid back in case the event once again can not take place because of this COVD-19 pandemic.

All who transferred their ticket from 2020 towards spring 2021 have first priority to book lodgings in the sportscenter-accommodation of La Fraineuse. 

In and around Spa, there are plenty of hotels and B&B's (with the world famous Formula 1-race nearby). So it should be possible for all of you to find suitable lodgings. See also our SUBSCRIBE page to learn more. 

Regarding the ticket transfer packages:

Ordered and paid cycling jerseys: we are actually busy with shipments. After these first shipments (everything that has been delivered to us by Bio-Racer in the meantime) we are updating new jersey orders (from the rest list of people who would have ordered after July 31st to date). Poppy shirts, LCMT jerseys (all versions) and the Belgian and Dutch national team jerseys will be sent to those who requested for shipment as soon as possible.

 All other packages such as Morgan Blue (maintenance products), Schwalbe tires, cycling gadgets (Rex London collection) and the WIN 2 sports nutrition packages will not be shipped if you have indicated to wait until the start in Spa mid-May '21. For those who requested shipment, we will only start shipments after having finished the entire transfer procedure.

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Deze week geven we dagelijks een antwoord op één van volgende vragen omtrent de nieuwe LCMT in Spa (13-16 mei 2021). We beginnen met antwoord op vraag 1, namelijk:

1)       Hoeveel overnachtingsplaatsen zijn er in het ADEPS-center van La Fraineuse?

Er zijn 16 chalets (4 personen-bezetting) en 22 kamers met eenvoudig basiscomfort. Daarnaast bevat het Olympisch hotel 34 kamers. Alles bij elkaar kunnen wij maximaal een 200-tal bedden aanbieden. Deze worden rechtstreeks via Biking Events vzw geboekt en betaald. We bekwamen al geschreven akkoord dat mocht het corona-virus opnieuw roet in het eten strooien, er integrale terugbetaling van het logement wordt gegarandeerd.

We herhalen dat het initieel de bedoeling was om ook Sol Cress-Corsendonk als exclusief LCMT-hotel vast te leggen. De corona-pandemie heeft Sol Cress echter doen besluiten om nu over te gaan tot grootscheepse renovatie. Pas in 2022 zal dit hotel de deuren heropenen. Vanaf dan zal het ook deel uitmaken van het exclusieve LCMT-logement-aanbod. Richting mei 2021 is het via LCMT (Biking Events) te boeken logement dus beperkt tot het ADEPS-center en Olympisch hotel “La Fraineuse”.

 2) Wat zal het logement mij kosten als ik in La Fraineuse (het ADEPS-center) wens te logeren?

   Hangt af van type logement. Zo is er een onderscheid tussen het ‘Olympisch hotel’ (met bediening aan de tafels in het restaurant) en de chalets of basiskamers (ander gebouw buffetvorm daar wat maaltijden betreft).

Prijzen zullen variëren van 80 tot 110 EUR (2 nachten half pension p.p.) of in geval van 3 nachten-verblijf (combi-tour of vrije keuze om extra nacht incl. extra diner): 150 à 190 EUR.

Prijs varieert ook van het feit of je kamer met 2 personen boekt dan wel ruimere bezetting aanvaardt. Chalets bevatten bv. 6 bedden. Het wordt evenwel toegestaan om slechts 4 personen in chalets of 6-bedden-kamers te boeken.

Omgekeerd is SINGLE-room ook mogelijk mits betalen van een toeslag. Dit laatste zullen we als organiserende tussenpersoon slechts toestaan in beperkte mate, ten einde het aantal beschikare 2 persoonskamers eerst aan zoveel mogelijk deelnemers beschikbaar te stellen.

3) Vanaf wanneer kan er logement geboekt worden?

 We zijn de laatste hand aan het leggen aan een boekingsformulier. Om overboekingen te vermijden zullen we de LCMT-deelnemers van 2020 die hun ticket het eerst correct hebben over gezet de eerste keus geven om logement in La Fraineuse te boeken. We zullen via directe e-mail het eerste contingent deelnemers dat in aanmerking komt aanspreken. Indien er dan nog bedden/kamers over blijven contacteren we een volgend contingent LCMT-ingeschrevenen. Vol = vol natuurlijk. 

4) Welke service in La Fraineuse? Blijven de vaste waarden van de LCMT aan boord, zoals bv. kiné-service?

 Er zal opnieuw een massage-team + dokter aanwezig zijn. De kiné-service zal ofwel plaatsvinden in de sporthal, waar tevens de permanentie, bike-wash, douches en kleedkamers (voor wie niet in La Fraineuse verbijft) zijn gevestigd.

Er is ruime parking voor wagens ter plaatse en in directe omgeving. Wie dus niet in La Fraineuse logeert kan dagelijks in de nabijheid de eigen wagen parkeren, indien u de afstand van uw accommodatie tot de start NIET per fiets wenst te doen.

Verder voorzien we een veilige (en bewaakte) opslagplaats voor de fietsen. Het blijft evenwel uw persoonlijke beslissing om op de LCMT-fietsbewaking (ook ’s nachts) beroep te doen.

Wat het avondeten betreft, zullen we als organisator in direct contact treden met de chefs van de keuken. We zullen geschikte menu’s helpen samenstellen. De aangeboden maaltijden genieten een uitstekende reputatie. Niettemin waken we erover dat u als deelnemer zowel de verwachte kwaliteit en kwantiteit mag tegemoet zien.

5) Indien corona alles wat op de lange baan blijft schuiven, wanneer meer concrete zekerheid richting mei 2021?

Het blijft inderdaad nog even koffiedik kijken. Alle autoriteiten – ook voor het goedkeuren van parcours-aanvragen – houden de boot wat af. Biking Events vzw heeft al veel voorbereid richting LCMT vanuit Spa, maar directe en concrete meetings ter plaatse, dat ligt veelal nog moeilijk. We mailen en bellen en leggen waar mogelijk reeds de nodige contacten. We proberen er nu van uit te gaan dat de LCMT 2021 kan plaatsvinden tijdens de lente van 2021. En dat we intussen alles in gereedheid brengen hiervoor. Maar zelfs bij de Wielerbond laat men weten dat het dit jaar allemaal wat trager dan gewoonlijk gaat. Omdat men ook daar nog niet weet of het samenstellen van een wielerkalender au grand complet wel zinvol is voor 2021. Wordt dus allemaal vervolgd (en opgevolgd).

6) Hoe zit dat nu met de triathlon-formule?

De enquête onder de reeds ingeschreven LCMT-triathlon deelnemers gaf een verdeeld beeld: ene helft zou liefst de 4 dagen formule met ook 1 dag mountainbike behouden… Andere helft ziet meer heil in 3 dagen triathlon en alleen nog op de koersfiets. Dus samen laten vallen met de LCMT CYCLO.

In dat geval elke dag zwemmen en dus een meer faire "triathlon"verdeling van de 3 disciplines. We hebben om die reden beslist om voor 2021 gevolg te geven aan deze laatste optie. Allen die al betaald hadden en ingeschreven waren voor de 4-daagse van 2020 krijgen een deel terug betaald (1 dag minder = goedkoper). Maar zij krijgen ook de kans om hun inschrijving al dan niet te behouden of zelfs om te zetten naar iets anders (bv. cross-duathlon) mochten ze persoonlijk niet zo happy zijn met de inkorting van het aantal dagen + wegvallen van een MTB-dag. Anderzijds, zij die toch graag een dag langer willen blijven om ook te mountainbiken, mogen dit vanzelfsprekend doen! Maar dit zal geen invloed meer hebben op het eindklassement van de triathlon-competitie.

Elke reeds ingeschreven triatleet wordt nu door de organisatie gecontacteerd en mag als reply op deze mail de persoonlijke voorkeur bekend maken.

Voor de volledigheid: er zal 1 afstandsformule zijn. Programma zal voor allen vast liggen en wordt eerstdaags geactualiseerd op de website aan de hand van 3-dagen-formule. Op dag 1 en 2 zal de 'large'-fietsafstand voor de triatleten van toepassing zijn. Op dag 3 de langste afstand van de CYCLO.

We zijn ervan overtuigd dat het de moeite waard is om in 2021 voor een 3-daagse triathlon-formule in Spa te opteren om zo bijkomend nieuwe triatleten aan te trekken en dit format zo ook alle kansen op voortzetting in de toekomst te gunnen.

7) Kan ik nog van formule veranderen als ik in 2020 al ingeschreven was?

Iedere deelnemer (ook nieuw ingeschrevenen) zal tot 6 weken voor de start (= begin april) de kans hebben om desgewenst een andere formule te kiezen. Competitief of recreatief, cyclo of off-road… Alles is inwisselbaar mits eventuele upgrades.

 Foto: kamer in het Olympisch hotel van La Fraineuse

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Newsletter 18 March: Time to order your LCMT-outfit!

We have prepared the new collection of LCMT-cycle wear! Have a look on the picture down below.

Whether you are in for competition and so obtaining the leaders shirt, or take no risk and order this magnificent cycling shirt online using the Bio-Racer/LCMT-webshop! Top quality of Bio-Racer and a very tastful design! Also customized with your name on the back-side of the jersey. 

Use this link to find your suitable cyclewear - the webshop will be open till 30 March!

 Another souvenir - which ALL participants will receive as a gift - is the souvenir-T-shirt! All you need to do here is fill in your size and whether you are masculin or feminin. Use this Link for the LCMT-souvenir-T-shirt

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Newsletter 5 May '19: your size for the T-shirt, choosing dinner in big tent? and other practical info!

Here is the English version!

The LCMT is getting closer. A while ago you got a newsletter containing the question to your own souvenir t-shirt. This t-shirt is a classic but also unique gift for any LCMT participant. If you have not already passed the required size, then this may still up to 8 may by in the t-shirt-link to open this form. Please note: after May 8, can no longer be your size and you get a t-shirt that we have in stock.

Supper in large tent by the RESC Houffaloise soccer stadium

Many participants this year not staying in the hotel but booked a gite or holiday cottage. There are also participants who stay in mobile homes. We know in these people the opportunity to take dinner at the start/finish zone. We provide together with the local football club in an excellent bar and catering. There will be a large tent next to the football stadium. A local caterer is responsible for delicious and sumptuous meals. The meals must be reserved in advance. Dinner keeps going by starting from 18 h 45. The price is €17 per person per night including dessert. Only drink is not included but will be at a very reasonable price available in the football club run by the ' bar '.


Subscribe for dinners using this link: pick your LCMT-dinner! You get afterwards the deposited amount confirmation. In the start package provided at the inscriptions the paid food coupons will be attached.

è cost for 2 dinners: EUR 34 (at the latest on May 24, your payment by bank transfer ougt to be completed)
è for 3 dinners you will pay 51 EUR (e.g. triathlon, Combi-tour or if you wish to dine ' evening before ' already on Thursday...)

Thursday 30 may: 
Ø evening buffet with cold vegetables
Ø lasagna maison
Ø penne carbonnarra
Ø macaroni with vegetables and tomato sauce
Ø French bread
Ø chocolate mousse



Friday May 31: 
Ø evening buffet with cold vegetables and cold pasta
Ø paella with vegetables, cod, prawns, chicken, chorizo
Ø French bread
Ø fruit salad

Saturday 1 June: 
Ø evening buffet with cold vegetables and cold pasta
Ø grilled ham with brown sauce
Ø dish of mixed vegetables
Ø panna cota with raspberries

What distances do you choose? XL, large or medium?

And because we hope to gather now all preparational feedback from you, we ask you to  indicate what distance you want to bike daily. That is certainly for the practical organisation of the CHRONO-formulas of importance.

Please note that who has chosen “CHRONO”, you will only be classfied in the FINAL STANDINGS if you cycled/biked each stage for either “XL” or either “Large”. Who switches between XL and large may get a ranking of the day, but obviously not in a ' final score '. For the rest we would like to know the estimated number of cyclists/bikers per distance in function of splitting our supplies along the trail.


 a number of practical guidelines, which you soon will receive again also in your info-Road book (digitally sent a few days before the start). 

Ø Bike Parking: to 19 h on the football field, afterwards at vayamundo
Ø massage: to 19 h on the football field, afterwards at vayamundo
Ø Bicycle mechanics of FietsSOS and Bicycle-Fix! See the message on the facebook page of Saturday 4 may as well as under ' partners ' (sponsors) a word of explanation.
Ø doctor: between 6 pm and 7 pm + also after 8.30 pm there is consultation possible at hotel Vayamundo (room next to the massage on the ground floor)
Ø Bicycle cleaning: in two places possible, directly to the finish to the football stadium as well as still at Hotel Vayamundo
Ø showers: the accommodation of RESC Houffaloise football club and if you stay in hotel in your room of course. Please note: hotel requires an extra amount if you  still want to keep the room in the afternoon on the final day. You better arrange this with the front desk at Vayamundo.

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Newsletter LCMT 2019 - 10 March '19

Here you can read the newsletter for all registered LCMT-participants on today. Each registered participant will receive the newsletters also sent by e-mail! Check out the spam!

See also the video that we made about the new and spacious start/finish environment on and around the football stadium of RESC Houffaloise! 

Practical arrangements are already made in and around Houffalize:
- the new start/finish location will be built with a large tent (300 seats capacity): all registration packets can be picked up there + the space is also used for buffet dinner in the evening and breakfast in the morning.
- pre-register will of course be necessary to an estimate to the caterer
- Anyway 2 menus per night from which one can choose, this is certainly a response to the participants who are not staying at the hotel Vayamundo see also the motor-home campers.
- motorhome users: we still have a lot of place! To the cost of the electricity group pressing we ask a contribution of 15 to max. 20 EUR per day. The price drops as more mobile homes will be present. At least 1 month before we will know that price. Included here also: use of water (football stadium) and toilets/showers (in football stadium).
- There will come very soon a survey in which you shall be asked you what your options are around whether or not participate in the buffet, the same as for the final choices with or without time recording, formula (cyclo, mtb, etc ...) and distant choice (especially important if you wish time recordings). For all these issues we give you a deadline to which we want to know your answer around these issues.

Further in that survey we ask you also to pass your t-shirt-size selection.

Meanwhile, the leader's jersey design for the CROSS-DUATHLON classification has been created: it is a pristine white shirt with Navy Blue top. Compare to the MTB-yellow leader's Jersey, but the gold is here virgin-white.

We are also proud to announce the soon coming introduction of the first real LCMT-café: the BIKING BOX, a bicycle experience center including bar, tearoom and rental pick-up location in Ypres nearby the famous Menin Gate Memorial (Last Post). All participants of LCMT will be invited to come and visit us on several occasions. We have started up also a crowdfunding hoping in this way to finish the work of having this building ready for its future destination a bit faster. Use this LINK to learn all about it! And we thank you already for your support. But don’t worry, our rewards are pretty well!

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Book your hotel now (final days of exclusivity for LCMT-riders)

As hotel Vayamundo has his own policy for the bookings, it's now the moment to book your hotel if not yet done. We also can, help you finding suitable lodgings! So don't hesitate to contact us!  
You can also park your mobilhome at the finish-zone + the organisation will provide each day superb 'sporting dinner' in the LCMT-buffet!

As for the current still available tickets for the LCMT-events itself, it's getting close also: only 20 remaining MTB-tickets and 50 road tour tickets available now...

Latest video here!

More videos about coming LCMT HERE
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FAQ: How daily starts will be organized? (+ video presentation LCMT2019)

CLICK HERE for LCMT 2019 video presentation...

Escorted by police & organisation vehicles from hotel towards daily official start

Riders staying at the hotel Vayamundo are given the facility to cycle with the group at a leisurely pace to official starting point, the RESC Houffaloise football stadium. The organisation provides safe guidance in consultation with local police. We cycle through the center of Houffalize, avoiding the steap St.-Roch climbing and following the main road 'Rue de Bastogne', till we go back right arriving at the football stadium. A good warming up! Daily departure : 30 minutes before official start from car parking nearby hotel Vayamundo. Riders who stay elsewhere of course may join the group! Still everybody is free to make it at the official start by his/her own means (even using your car as there is enough parking nearby the stadium). 
Shortcut to start with Saint-Roch climbing (112 ascent meters) is a matter of personal choice (2,3 km 'shorter').

This group escorted warming up ride will take approximately 15-20 minutes. Still a bit of time left to install yourself in the start-boxes.

Start boxes, what?

Especially for the mountainbike contest we work with start boxes. First day = 50 first registrated mountainbikers + top 10 of last year's edition in BOX 1. They start behind organisation and police cars on a neutralized downhill (big road), before going left and climbing the Saint-Roch hill. On that moment OFFICIAL START will be given. In the mean time second group follows a minute later also behind ORGANISATION CAR. But this group will have closed the gap with Group 1 just before starting the climbing of Saint-Roch.
Finally BOX 3 = all fun-bikers (no competition): as a fun-biker you are allowed to start with group 2. Or you stay in BOX 3, waiting until first passage (after Saint-Roch) of the others. On that moment all fun-mountainbikers can follow the competition bikers, without having done the steap Saint-Roch climbing.
On day 2 and day 3 BOX 1 will be filled up according to your general standings!

How does daily start procedure works for ROADTOUR-riders?

On day 1 and 3, the stage starts straight south-east or south-west,immediately along smoothly up and down roads. No 'steap' wall-climbing in the start! On day 2, the whole group goes down back to Houffalize center behind ORGANISATION & POLICE cars. Afther having crossed Houffalize town, official start will be given once we are on the road up to La Roche. 

How does it work if you are a CROSS-DUATLETE?

Cross-duathlon is part of the 3 days mountainbike tour. All cross-duatletes start 5 minutes before official start of MOUNTAINBIKE-tour is given. Thev have a 6 km trial run to do first. After getting back at the finish/startzone, they pick up their mountainbikes in a guarded parking box and they start the LARGE-stage (not the XL-distances!). After the biking part another trial run of 6 km has to be done.

more detailed info under the webpage INFO/GENERAL INFO)

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Thanks to all riders, bikers, but also to our crew members and sponsors! Up to LCMT 2018 (20nd edition)!

We want to express our gratitude to all participants, to all crew members and to all our sponsors for being all essential members of this tropical LCMT-experience!

We can announce already that although we do not think it still can be 'hotter' after this year's edition, the 2018 LCMT (10 - 13 May) will be great again. 

All riders will receive a digital inquiry in which you can give your opinion on several services. As a matter of fact, if less is more, we are convinced that our next step will be a bit less work for current people who run this event during the whole year and put their shoulders under the whole package during the 4 days. So we will start up the searching for a few extra high quality assistants who can take over some of the responsabilties. You can help us to keep up this already high standards by spreading the news. As for the competition riders we apologize not being able to publish the final results on day 3. Some technical problems with the time registrations urged us to wait another night before launching this online. We also will consider this aspect as a priority for our competition tour. It's an aspect that needs to be outsourced completely, so we only co-operate with a time registration company that does take this in a 100% engagement.
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Do you still have to finish your payment? How to log in and check your data?

Check your data and verify your payment. How much still to pay? Or has it been confirmed already by our administration? This is how you manage:
  • Button 'to subscribe' or go straight to
  • Use your e-mailaddress (the one you used to subscribe) + password
  • Lost your password? Ask a new one -->will be sent automatically to your mailbox
  • You have access again to verify what you wanted. And you can see also if your payment has been verified by us (status!)
  • If it seems something is not as you thought to have asked for, contact us! Also if something must be changed. Only our 'admin' has the facility to modify anything on your participation.
  • What can be done by you? If you are main-booker, it's only you that has the power to add another cyclist under your name.

Do I choose for mountainbike, road cycling of both? Or even triathlon or cross-duathlon!

A hard choice to make since we have 3 days of mountainbiking and 3 days of road cycling in this LCMT-event.
3 more options are now to be considered: the 'combination tour', whicht is on day 1 & 3 = use your road bicycle; on day 2 & 4 = go on your mountainbike!
Or you may ride the 4 days triathlon "King of the Ardennes": running, swimming and 3 days road cycling + final day on the mountainbike!
Now to complete our story we added the cross-duathlon: 3 days mountainbike, but also 2 times a day a trail run is waiting for you! Make a choice and achieve your personal goals!

Wat wordt het straks voor jou? 

  1. MOUNTAINBIKE: 3-daagse 31/5 - 2/6 keuzes uit COMPETITIE XL-afstand, COMPETITIE 'large-afstand' en RECREATIEF (XL, Large of Medium-afstand)
  2. CYCLO: weg-3-daagse 30/5 - 1/6 keuze uit CHRONO (goud - zilver - brons) XL-afstand of Large-afstand en RECREATIEF (XL, Large of Medium-afstand)
  3. COMBI-TOUR: vierdaagse 30/5 - 2/6 enkel COMPETITIEF XL-afstand (dag 1 en 3 op de koersfiets, dag 2 en 4 op de mountainbike, laatste dag wel slechts de 'large'-mtb)
  4. TRIATHLON: vierdaagse 30/5 - 2/6 enkel  COMPETITIEF maar 2 afstandkeuzes zijnde XL-triathlon en 'Large'-triathlon (bij dit laatste fiets je 3 dagen 'Large'-cyclo). 3 dagen op de koersfiets, laatste dag 'Large'-MTB, aangevuld met loop- en zwemproeven (details onder triathlon-pagina).
  5. CROSS-DUATHLON: 3-daagse 31/5 - 2/6 enkel COMPETITIEF, dagelijks eerst 6 km lopen, dan de 'Large-MTB-etappe' en finaal nog eens 6 km lopen.

How to arrange lodgings?

If you want the best price, subscribe NOW! 
With or without our hotel formula? This is entirely up to you! Go to our REGISTER page. First things first = to subscribe for our cycling & mountainbike tour, make a choice whether you want to mountainbike, cycle on road bike. Or perhaps you prefer the 'combi'-formula, the challenge of triathlon or cross-duathlon.
Also to be mentionned under mountainbike or road tour: with or without timings.

For your lodgings, several options available, but most participants will first check facilities in Vayamundo Hotel in Houffalize. This hotel will keep all rooms 'exclusively' for LCMT-riders untill 30 November only.

Of course, it's also possible to arrange your own lodgings elsewhere. Anyway, one can subscribe only till the LCMT is fully booked (600 tickets). By subscribing before New Yearsday, you are allowed only to pay a 100 EUR downpayment. The rest can be done before end of February. Cancelling is still possible, read our special terms on that particular subject in 'regulations' (under INFO).

What kind of a cyclist am I?

What kind of a cyclist am I?
If you can say YES to one of the following describings, the LCMT is certainly typecasted for you!

  • Competitive cyclist and having a good basic condition & well trained? --> choose XL-rides with or without time registration
  • Recreative biker but pretty well trained and you are kicking on climbings (and downhills)? --> choose the XL or why not someday a Large-track >
  • You kick on competition but on shorter distances? --> from now on also the 'large'-distance in our mountainbike tour will result in a seperate ranking. Same story for our triathlon!
  • Recreative biker with busy job and sometimes a lack of training time? --> use the LCMT tour to get in your best shape again! --> go for  ‘medium’-distances or perhaps the 'large'-stages!


Our Partners