LCMT 2022


Some very remarkable statistics on the speed of subscribing for LCMT

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Since 2016-winter we may welcome already before New Yearsday more than 500 riders for the LCMT. A remarkable evolution if you know that only in 2016 for the first time we reached 500 participants. Last edition (2017) we  accepted the growth towards 550 mountainbikers and road cyclists.  Just because already around Christmas we passed the 500 amount. Now again, for 2018-edition we reached the same number of +500. No doubt that the maximum of 550 participants easily will be achieved within a few weeks (or even days). 

We must say THANKS to all loyal participants who became real LCMT-ambassadors and help to spread the message towards their fellowmen who only discover the charming aspects of our Luxembourg Cycling & Mountainbike Tour. We do know that still a big margin is left to get more road-cyclists and even triatletes. In the mean time, the LCMT is more than ever the one and only more-days mountainbike classic in Benelux. Because of you who choose to join us!


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