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No LCMT again because of the pandemic, up to 2022 now!

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No events are allowed in the province of Liège until the end of May!

Unfortunately but finally and officially: both the municipality of Spa and the province of Liège will not allow any event of a cultural or sporting nature until the end of May due to the persistent corona pandemic. Only the UCI professional cycling races (such as Liège-Bastogne-Liège) will remain on the calendar “for the time being” (but also without an audience).

That means again no LCMT in 2021. The move to Spa will be postponed for another year. Nothing within our organizational power that can change this reality.

We again receive a serious mental and economic blow, something which is incidentally the case for the entire event, tourist and catering sector. With the LCMT and the Biking Box Bicycle Experience Centre in Ypres / Flanders Fields, we belong to all three affected sectors. But as long as the pandemic does not allow for a return to normal life, there is no point in adopting any attitude other than resignation and patience.

In coming days, we will contact all registered participants. We want to postpone towards 2022 for everyone. A transfer arrangement - completely free of charge for 2021 (see earlier news item this week) - is what we will propose. However, there is also a cancellation procedure, with a distinction between LCMT2020 participants and the people who had only explicitly signed up for Spa 2021 since October 2020.

Small scale event during summer in Flanders Fields?

Regarding LCMT clothing and other products chosen in the 2020-21 transfer procedure, those who indicated that they would like to wait until the start of the 1st LCMT stage will receive an alternative proposal. We are currently thinking about a small-scale cycling event in Flanders Fields/the Westhoek, which can be split up into smaller groups (from our Biking Box Cycling Experience Centre in Ypres). This can be an ideal moment for those who still want to receive the ordered and paid product in the coming months. Anyone who checked postal delivery will receive this package at home in the coming days and weeks anyway (see again what was told about this in the previous news item).

Anyone who had booked an accommodation in La Fraineuse can release it free of charge. We do the necessary for this ourselves. Some had already paid anyway, but will receive this amount back anyway because of vzw Biking Events. A transfer to 2022 will also be possible.

It must be said that all additional administrative tasks as described above are definitely unpleasant to be carried out now. No one, least of all ourselves, feel any "drive" or need to develop a permanent COVID-cancellation administration. This is not the kind of work that gives us any satisfaction. On the contrary,but once again it has to be done, free of charge even. So once again a volunteers' job...  In the mean time, our inspiration stays our personal passion for cycling. Undoubtedly, a part of our Biking Eventsteam will still be on the road during the Ascension weekend along the new LCMT stages. Should it be the case that it is allowed and possible, who knows, there will be a mini-concept in which a limited number of you will have the opportunity to cycle with us under supervision. However, this will by no means replace the LCMT 2021 subscription. First, let's find out in our own organization how much enthusiasm can be found for this. After all, our employee team also has to recover from this new 'knock-out'... Especially the people who have been working on the new stages (MTB, cyclo and triathlon) during the past months. Fortunately, unlike Houffalize 2020, all the preparatory work for the new LCMT-event that will be incorporated from Spa has not been completely in vain.

Let's all hope that we are now facing the last heavy corona weeks or months? And that once the vaccination has done its job, we can determine as soon as possible that this bad dream is over towards 2022! Then we will definitely gather our courage to get back to work. Now get it us that vaccination and back on the pedals, straight towards LCMT 2022!


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