LCMT 2021

Why you should ride the "LCMT"-event!

FAQ : How daily STARTS will be organized at the RESC Houffaloise FOOTBALLSTADIUM?

Escorted by police & organisation vehicles from hotel towards daily official start

Riders staying at the hotel Vayamundo are given the facility to cycle with the group at a leisurely pace to official starting point, the RESC Houffaloise football stadium. The organisation provides safe guidance in consultation with local police. We cycle through the center of Houffalize, avoiding the steap St.-Roch climbing and following the main road 'Rue de Bastogne', till we go back right arriving at the football stadium. A good warming up! Daily departure : 30 minutes before official start from car parking nearby hotel Vayamundo. Riders who stay elsewhere of course may join the group! Still everybody is free to make it at the official start by his/her own means (even using your car as there is enough parking nearby the stadium).
Shortcut to start with Saint-Roch climbing (112 ascent meters) is a matter of personal choice (2,3 km 'shorter').

This group escorted warming up ride will take approximately 15-20 minutes. Still a bit of time left to install yourself in the start-boxes.

Start boxes, what?

Especially for the mountainbike contest we work with start boxes. First day = 50 first registrated mountainbikers + top 10 of last year's edition in BOX 1. They start behind organisation and police cars on a neutralized downhill (big road), before going left and climbing the Saint-Roch hill. On that moment OFFICIAL START will be given. In the mean time second group follows a minute later also behind ORGANISATION CAR. But this group will have closed the gap with Group 1 just before starting the climbing of Saint-Roch.
Finally BOX 3 = all fun-bikers (no competition): as a fun-biker you are allowed to start with group 2. Or you stay in BOX 3, waiting until first passage (after Saint-Roch) of the others. On that moment all fun-mountainbikers can follow the competition bikers, without having done the steap Saint-Roch climbing.
On day 2 and day 3 BOX 1 will be filled up according to your general standings!

How does daily start procedure works for ROADTOUR-riders?

On day 1, the whole group goes down back to Houffalize center behind ORGANISATION & POLICE cars. Afther having crossed Houffalize town, official start will be given once we are on the road up to La Roche. 
On day 2 and 3, the stage starts straight south-east or south-west,immediately along smoothly up and down roads. No 'steap' wall-climbing in the start! Only on the final stage, road-cyclists will have to climb the 'wall' of Saint-Roch in the very end of the cycling tour.

How does it work if you are a CROSS-DUATLETE?

Cross-duathlon is part of the 3 days mountainbike tour. All cross-duatletes start 5 minutes before official start of MOUNTAINBIKE-tour is given. Thev have a 6 km trial run to do first. After getting back at the finish/startzone, they pick up their mountainbikes in a guarded parking box and they start the LARGE-stage (not the XL-distances!). After the biking part another trial run of 6 km has to be done.

LCMT = all-in package

How to arrange your lodgings?

To book your lodgings = click on SUBSCRIBE-page (button on top of this page). First things first: your type of bicycle-event = using link with specific payment recommendations. Afterwards you choose the hotel you wish. Hotel Vayamundo is since years the big LCMT-hotel (capacity of 550 beds). But also other hotels or guesthouses are possible. Just click on the accommodation of your choice and then proceed by following their instructions. 

Excellent food & drinking supply services

Before the start (sport drinks and sport bars), on the road (3 times for the XL-distance) and at the finish there are excellent food and drinking supply services.

Perfectly signposted stages

There is put a lot of work into the design of our stages. You enjoy perfectly signposted rides with signalmen and additional information boards.
Red cross allways around!

*INSURANCE: civil liability and personal injury
*FIRST AID: Presence of a mobile team of Red Crossmen at the supply services and at the finish
*MEDICAL ASSISTANCE: There are two doctors available during the LCMT. After the ride they hold consultations and, if necessary, you can obtain medications. This is free of charge.
Professional mechanics

On the way and at the supply services + after the finish there are professional mechanics available. They will repair your bike. Only the new spare parts have to be paid by you.
Competition or fun? Souvenir for everyone.

Time registration (brevet gold-silver-bronze) in the ROAD-tour and a real competition (chrono from start to finish) if you choose to bike the  MOUNTAINBIKE-tour. Also official standings in COMBI-Tour, TRIATHLON and CROSS-DUATHLON. We do provide also a beautiful amount of prize-money. In 2018, we have paid out 5000 EUR! For coming edition we still need to calculate the budget, depending on total number of racers and what we can obtain thanks to sponsorship.

Everyone will receive a unique souvenir of the LCMT & a nice goodie bag at the start. You also enjoy strong PROMO actions, such as the possibility to purchase the personalized LCMT-outfit (webshop via Bio-Racer).


Bike-cleaning is of course available daily at the finish.


Professional bike surveillance when the bikes are putted away in the garage of the hotel, also at night.

Compex-electrostimulation & Massage

Daily FREE service by COMPEX electrostimulation (nearby finish). Massages also available by our very kind kiné- & massageteam. You will be able to get your massage-appointment even before start of the day. All riders will receive the invitation to make their personal reservation. Especially for XL-riders this will avoid long waitings for their perhaps hard needed massage after finishing.

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