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Final day of LCMT mountainbike tour a bit shorter (81 km)

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As we took some conclusions when studying the survey, the final mountainbike day will be just a bit shorter in 2018. Indeed, some mostly competitive bikers asked us to reduce distance as on this final day many bikers are quite exhausted. 60 km is on the other hand a bit short, also because in the LCMT still many bikers deliberately stay out of competition and want a maximum of bike-fun without timings. In order to please both groups we have now reduced distance of the longest version (3 'Boucles') to 81 km. This is 10 km less or when mountainbiking in the Ardennes around Houffalize probably half an hour to even 45 minutes less effort.

Other changes: first 'boucle' (circle formed tour) will be 3rd of 2017-edition and about 10 km shorter than it was originally. Second 'Boucle' will be first 'boucle' of 2017: 34 km including the Côte de St.-Roch. Finally the last boucle will count 27 km.

As for the triatletes there will be first a swimming part in the Lake of Nisramont. As a consequence of that, they will first bike half of the 2nd Boucle (17km) before entering their next Boucle of 27 km or a total cycling distance of 44 km. Boucle 1 for them is no longer on the mountainbike, but will be part of their final running track (20 km). 

Simultanously we decided also to organize start & finish of this final MTB-stage also in the Hotel Vayamundo area. So no finish in the busy center of Houffalize. 



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