LCMT 2022


Crossing our fingers for LCMT half May 2021 in Spa! How to fix your lodgings in new LCMT 2021, that will be organized for the first time in Spa?

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Dear LCMT rider,

Due to the continuing and increasing corona troubles plus the accompanying delays and inconvenience (also with regard to the beautiful, but newly established Biking Box Bicycle Experience Center in Ypres / Flanders Fields), we still ask a little patience for all packages that involve ticket transfers. Some of the ordered packages have already been shipped. We try to complete everything else in the next 14 days.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 keeps coming up with new unexpected things that keep throwing the TO DO list upside down. More than before, all of our Biking Events-co-workers had to return to other 'permanent' jobs, which means that the working hours for LCMT are invariably limited. This too is living with corona ... everyone in survival mode. Therefore, a little more patience, thank you!

Lodgings in La Fraineuse? Time to take your priority (if you were subscribed in 2020)

Use this LODGINGS LINK  to pick out your room (with friend/friends)! 

Payment for lodgings via LCMT-organisation?  you will receive an invitation later in Febraury. 100% of the amount will be paid back in case the event once again can not take place because of this COVD-19 pandemic.

All who transferred their ticket from 2020 towards spring 2021 have first priority to book lodgings in the sportscenter-accommodation of La Fraineuse. 

In and around Spa, there are plenty of hotels and B&B's (with the world famous Formula 1-race nearby). So it should be possible for all of you to find suitable lodgings. See also our SUBSCRIBE page to learn more. 

Regarding the ticket transfer packages:

Ordered and paid cycling jerseys: we are actually busy with shipments. After these first shipments (everything that has been delivered to us by Bio-Racer in the meantime) we are updating new jersey orders (from the rest list of people who would have ordered after July 31st to date). Poppy shirts, LCMT jerseys (all versions) and the Belgian and Dutch national team jerseys will be sent to those who requested for shipment as soon as possible.

 All other packages such as Morgan Blue (maintenance products), Schwalbe tires, cycling gadgets (Rex London collection) and the WIN 2 sports nutrition packages will not be shipped if you have indicated to wait until the start in Spa mid-May '21. For those who requested shipment, we will only start shipments after having finished the entire transfer procedure.


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