LCMT 2022


You can subscribe now for LCMT 2020!

The registration button for LCMT 2020 is open again! All practical information will be published on this website in the coming days and weeks. You can register in the traditional way until the end of October (with an advance of 100 EUR if you wish). At the end of October or beginning of November at the latest, we then switch to registering with direct online payment. At that time, the 'downpayment option' will probably expire and your registration must be paid completely before appearing on the list of participants.

Regarding the stages:
CYCLO (the road version with the racing bike) changes the ride order and we open with a completely 'Belgian' stage. The 2nd stage (Friday) then goes towards Vianden and - again open after the road works - "Little Switzerland". It helps also to avoid Thursday's Fatima procession in Wiltz, which allows a new ascent: the 'côte de Noertrange'.

MOUNTAINBIKE: the 1st stage of 2019 will be done in the opposite direction, of course with some other bike-zones here and there! The 2nd stage to Clervaux is also changing in the same sense: we will 'cycle' around Clervaux completely inverted and as a result, a zone near Troisvierges will disappear. Otherwise the ride would be too long. The final stage as we presented it in 2019 does not change much (2nd time only), only a start adjustment.

The other formulas, COMBI, TRIATHLON and CROSS-DUATHLON are also retained. We will, however, make the triathlon 'slightly' more accessible with only 'large' cycling distances for the triathletes. As a result, the balance between the 3 disciplines will become a bit more 'triathlon', in order to no longer disadvantage the better runners and swimmers. Moreover, we think that the already tough Triathlon four-day event will become more accessible. The daily 1 hour 'less' cycling can count at the end.

In any case: welcome to LCMT 2020 from 21 to 24 May already (depending on the choice you make: road, MTB, combi or triatblon variants).


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