LCMT 2022


LCMT had a very good start this morning! Follow us on Facebook and on the Sporthive Live App (incl. Live Tracking of riders)

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  • Beautiful start this morning at the new location of RESC Houffaloise. With the good weather coming on (every day a bit warmer and sunnier) names just 230 LCMT'ers on the bike a flawless start to 10u16. 
  • The Sporthive Live App was massively activated. By the way, for all who have their date of birth has not yet passed: they could LIve Tracking on the App via the Bis Connect WIzard to easily activate by as date of birth now defaults to 1/1/2000. All those who already earlier via the form, their date of birth had been given to use of course their real date of birth. 
  • On Facebook, we posted fillmpje and first series of photographs of the start and first few kilometers. 
  • Tonight is also the first film of the videoploeg Krewcollective. 
  • Saturday and Sunday there will also be a photographer along. That will just about any of the more than 600 participants personally try to shoot. For the CYCLO will that near the abbey of Clervaux. Same BIKE, but the latter can, of course, also on Sunday still 'flashed'. 
  • All teams on the road: ride 1 is almost finished for tomorrow! 
  • Daily is the La Chouffebar open! Large cozy tent at the arrival site. You can leave shower stuff  every day safely leave in the canteen football club. So you can after the shower extra long to enjoy the 'ambiance' in the mighty backdrop of the Saint-Roch-plateau! As of Friday, also burgers and pizza at every finish available. Who contract for the buffet every evening, at 19h in the big tent. There is also every evening/night, the movie of the day shown! (on big screen)


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