LCMT 2022

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For all who had already arranged their transfer from LCMT 2020, there is a priority possibility to book accommodation in the Bloso sports center "La Fraineuse", also in the immediate vicinity of the start / finish zone. However, this concerns only about 200 beds. They are divided into 16 chalets (max. 4 persons), 34 rooms for 2 to 3 persons in the Olympic complex of La Fraineuse and a further 24 rooms where resp. 3, 4 to even 6 people can sleep. These last 24 rooms are of course a lot cheaper.

All details about this will first be sent in direct mail to the LCMT participants of the 2020 corona edition. Only when there are still rooms left will they be made available to later participants.

Other accommodations can be found here: 

Sol Cress Corsendonk was a 2nd hotel with which exclusivity for LCMT participants had already been arranged. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, however, the long closure has been used to carry out large-scale renovation works. As a result, this hotel is unfortunately NOT available in May 2021 ...

The Radisson Blu Balmoral hotel also has excellent lodging options. But is a bit more pricey:

Also to be contacted in order to help you: Tourist Office of Spa: +32 87 79 53 53 or mail to 
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