FFGT 2024

Regulations to be respected by all riders

Reglement (still to be printed here)



  1. Every rider has to subscribe him or herself on www.lcmt.be  

    A correct registration is a fully paid registration. This can be done either via direct online payment or via classic bank transfer. The organizer can decide to have whether only the first or the latter payment system.  Direct online payment is made possible via 'mollie' and is done in a secure payment environment.

  2. Anyone who cannot make an online payment or wishes to register via another communication channel must pay the registration amount to the account number: IBAN: BE63646901013008

    BIC: BNAGBEBB.  All bank details are also listed in the reply-mail you automatically receive after a registration confirmation has been sent.

  3. Each cycling event announced and opened here accepts a predetermined maximum number of registrations. If this maximum is exceeded, you can only register as a RESERVE. A ticket as a RESERVE is always 100% refundable if no place becomes available. This LCMT-event in May will allow a maximum or 500 riders. A maximum of 450 mountainbikers and a maximum of 50 cross-duathletes. When we have achieved this maximum a reserve-listing will be kept. As soon as somebody cancels the reservists will be warned and invited to take over the free place.

  4. Can you cancel as a participant? Yes, but only after presentation of a MEDICAL CERTIFICATE (injury or long-term illness) and subject to deduction of EUR 60 cancellation costs. It is only possible free of charge if you find a substitute yourself or if you agree to transfer your ticket to the next edition or to a similar event (of more or less the same registration fee). Without a medical certificate, but for family or professional reasons, for example, cancellation is possible after a deduction of EUR 70. No refunds are possible 2 weeks before the start of the cycling event. The refund procedure requires the correct completion and return of the cancellation documents.

  5. The cycling event for which you register offers a total package of facilities, such as showers, bike-wash and changing rooms. If necessary (and when stated as an option), accommodation can be added to your booking. In that case, the organizer will transfer the amount for this accommodation correctly and on time to the relevant accommodation provider, with whom a conclusive agreement has been concluded in advance. Just as well, in most cases a direct accommodation can always be booked between the participant and the accommodation provider. In that case, the organizer of the event remains completely outside this transaction and agreement. If you do book accommodation through us (= the organizer of the cycling event), you will always remain jointly and severally liable for everything concerning your stay. Under no circumstances can the organizer of the cycling event be held liable by the accommodation provider for additional payments or costs incurred during your stay in the accommodation booked through this organiser. Nor can you, as a participant who books through our accommodation, hold the organizer of the event liable for anything that exclusively concerns your hotel, room or guesthouse. Same story for campings or motorhome parkings.

  6. Why to subscribe and pay quite early?  
    The LCMT is a very popular more days-event. For this reason, to subscribe = also to pay. We need to avoid any false subscribers. They temporarily would block other people from joining this sports event. You also have a personal advantage to be early. At least till January 1st you always have a cheaper tariff to subscribe.
  7. If the entire event cannot take place on the set date due to force majeure, no refund via the organizer is possible. Force majeure is understood to mean: decisions by the authorities, the withdrawal of municipal and police permission, pandemic or natural disasters, strikes, war, etc. Free transfer of your registration to the next edition is guaranteed by the organizer in appropriate cases.

  8. If the cycling event for which you register does not attract the internally set minimum number of participants, the organization reserves the right to refund participants and cancel the event, unless another cycling event (elsewhere) is organized in the same year takes place. In that case, the participant can move his ticket to this other event free of charge. If the participant cannot or does not want to participate in that other event, a refund is possible subject to deduction of 50 EUR administration costs.

  9. Code of conduct during the event: one behaves in a courteous, respectful and sporting manner towards all members of the organizing team as well as towards hotel staff, local population, other tourist passers-by and the federation representatives. RESPECT the environment, the forests, nature, the other road users or hikers. DO NOT THROW any rubbish along the course (under penalty of exclusion). The ROAD CODE always takes precedence (even when installing signallers). In case another participant is in distress: first provide help + notify our emergency services and only then think about your own sports performance!

  10. EACH PARTICIPANT is assumed to have taken note of the general regulations through his/her registration. Competition regulations will follow down below.



REGULATIONS TRIATHLON: see underneath general button regulations (down under)

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