LCMT 2022


Program LCMT Triathlon (13 - 15 May ) & the new Cross-Duathlon (14 - 16 May)

Format Triathlon « King of the Ardennes 2020 »

Official program
Day 1: 500 m swimming - then 141 km road cycling & 12 km cross-country running  Day 2: 2 km outdoor swimming/ 131 km road cycling & 12 km cross-country running  Day 3: 2 km outdoor swimming/ 120 km road cycling & 12 km cross-country running

All together 4,5 km swimming - 392 km cycling - 36 km running
In case of very cold weather outdoor swimming in the Lake of Warfooz can be replaced by a shorter swim in the swimming pool of the sportscenter.
Format Cross-Duathlon 2021 »

Official program: off-road cycling = the 'medium' distances of the mountainbike tour:
14 May - start 10.10: 6 km running - 47 km MTB - 6 km running 15 May - start 9.40:
6 km running - 53 km MTB - 6 km running 16 May - start 8.55: 6 km running - 42 km MTB - 6 km running

Wednesday 12 May 2021

Between 16.30 hrs and 20.30 hrs: you can check-in in the bike hotel "La Fraineuse" (if you want lodgings 'night before')

Thursday 13 May 2021

7.15 - 8.15 hrs: breakfast for those who are staying already in your lodgings in La Fraineuse (Spa).

8.00 - 9.00 hrs: pick-up your start package at the ADEPS Sportscenter situated at: Avenue Amédée Hesse 41, 4900 Spa.

9.30 hrs: first 500 m swimming in open swimming pool
10.15 hrs: START 1st stage Spa – German Eiffelmountains & Eastcantons - Spa

Between 14.00 till approximately 16.00 hrs a 12 km trail run for those who are participating the TRIATHLON formula.

Friday 14 May 2021

7.15 - 8.30 hrs: breakfast buffet

START @ 9u00 with 2000 m of open swim in the Lake of Warfooz, then straight on the bicycle for stage 2 of CYCLO: "Spa – "on the roads of Amstel Gold Race" - Spa

10u10 CROSS-DUATHLON starts with a 6 km run, then 48 km MTB and finally another 6 km run

10.15 hrs: START 1st stage
START@ 10.15 hrs!

Between 13.30 hrs and 15.30 hrs a 12 km trail run to finish your day!
Cross-duathlon: 6 km run in the end

Saturday 15 May 2021

7.00 - 8.15 hrs: breakfast

9.00 hrs: TRIATHLON- SWIM 2 km in the Lake of Warfaaz START @ 9.00 hrs, after the swimming immediately on the bicycles, riding the 3rd stage, LCMT-interpretation of Liège-Bastogne-Liège!
9u40: CROSS-DUATHLON 6 km run, then 46 km MTB and finally another 6 km run

3rd Stage, ROAD-tour day 3 the LCMT-interpretation of the famous classic LIEGE - BASTOGNE - LIEGE

TRIATHLON: After finishing your cycling tour still 12 km trail run or in case of the 'minor' distance only 6 km
CROSS-DUATHLON: after mountainbiking another 6 km to be run

Sunday 16 mei 2021

7.00 - 8.00 hrs: breakfast

CROSS-DUATHLON: 8u50: start with 6 km run, then 42 km MTB and finishing with final 6 km run

15.00 - 16.00 hrs: Ceremony, prize-distribution...

Tariffs at "LCMT goes triathlon or cross-duathlon"

tRIATHLON: 200 EUR if you are a licenced triatlete. If not you need to pay insurance for those 3 days,which will be 11 EUR (following the 2020 tariffs for this moment). If you are a licenced triathlete or cyclist, no supplement for insurance & day-licence is required.

CROSS-DUATHLON: same tariffs as in the competition formula of the MOUNTAINBIKE TOUR. Only difference in 'insurances' as MTB-tour is under Belgian Cycling Federation and the cross-duathlon is under the Wallonian Triathlon-Duathlon Federation. If you have a competition licence in your own discipline of course no extra's for insurance!

All info on the tariffs: PageLink

Important FAQ's

1/ How to change bicycle during the cross-duathlon?

Time continues runnig while changing. You can put runnng and bike shoes in the changing zone. It is all around the ADEPS-center where start and finish is situated. 

2/ How to change clothings after swimming (traithlon contest)? 

It is all around the ADEPS-center where start and finish is situated. 

3/ What about food- and drinking supply zones? 

3 X possible to pick-up food or drinks while cycling. While running, a food/drinking supply zone is situated nearby the finish-zone as the running circuit counts 6 km (1 or 2  times to run) . 

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