LCMT 2022

Parcours - Combi-Tour

COMBI-Tour: day 1 & 3 on road race bicycle + day 2 & day 4 on the mountainbike

Show yourself one of the most complete Ardenne-cyclists. With 2 days on the road race bicycle and 2 days pure mountainbiking you can prove to have all skills of the perfect Ardennes-riders.

It's a special experience. For the over-all winner a beautiful orange-leadershirt is waiting (daily distributed).

Final day on the mountainbike: only 43 km of mountainbiking for the COMBI-riders. It's their 4th day! 

Your COMBI-program in a nutshell:

Thursday 13 May: 177 km road cycling up to German Eiffel & East-Belgium  
Friday 14 May: 91 km mountainbiking
Saturday 15 May: 120 km road cycling in Liège-Bastogne-Liège style
Sunday 16 May: 43 km on the mountainbike

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