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Dear rider, with this LINK you can find the ROADBOOK of LCMT 2022!

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Up to a brand new start in Stavelot!

In recent months, we have travelled to the Ardennes several times to plant new seeds for the first post-covid LCMT three years after the last LCMT.  The back-and-forth expeditions in April-May to Stavelot, Spa, Malmédy and other surrounding villages and enchanting places were quite labour-intensive. All kinds of partnerships had to be forged in a hurry, including with the local football club, which had just turned 100, RCS Stavelot. But the jovial and helpful reception there pleased us. And last but not least, the many encouraging reactions from the field of participants, stimulated us even more to do everything we can to make that long-awaited 22nd (!) edition of the LCMT take place.

Now that we are on the eve of the new start, we feel partly like nervous newbies at the start of the season. But at the same time, strengthened and with confidence. Because it has to be said: such an organization is like a well-oiled machine. So many people will soon be employed again for your great cycling adventure in the Ardennes: supply and sign- teams, mechanics, masseurs, doctors, chrono and 'course' responsibles, dispatching and the Red Cross for quick and adequate intervention in in the event of a breakdown or accident, après-bike people in the cafeteria or at the barbecue, bike wash and bicycle parking attendants, set designers, signalmen, motards and quad riders... In short, an impressive mini-army that is supported by the enthusiasm and fired by those not even covid-smoldered LCMT flame goes back on the road for four, say five days Ardennes mission. By the time you start as a participant, the LCMT has been going on continuously for several days for many of the organizing team. The fact that this time personally and supported by an enthusiastic new right-hand man, I was already working full-time on that important transport to Stavelot on Thursday and Friday of the week before, shows the seriousness and determination with which we want to launch this ship again. to leave. The LCMT is partly on new paths, after many years of being used to Houffalize. But the cycling appeal in this other part of the Ardennes is fantastic and the area exudes mountain biking and cycling. We are therefore convinced that if this new location can convince you, the LCMT will discover a new youth. If possible, without all the particularly annoying, stressful and often frustrating obstacles from the past period. After all, we are only 'people' and now we crave satisfaction with even more cravings for some time to enjoy on our bicycles the landscapes where we have traveled too often by car in recent weeks . It is a matter of getting this LCMT on track in time.

In any case, let this be an outspoken wish: that the rediscovery of simple cycling happiness may make way for small frustrations. Because 2 years without that, each of us must now seize the opportunity to sincerely appreciate the well-meant efforts of those who make events such as the LCMT possible again. That shouldn't be more, soon.


PS: we try to meet our deadline by  Monday in order to be able to make as much information as possible, due to the known circumstances, final and official only late, by e-mailing to you in a well-arranged road book, including the GPS files. It was quite a job to rewrite all previous web info once the new destination (Stavelot) could be determined. This way we can let you know at the last minute that the chrono finish will still be placed on the line itself (on the football field of RCS Stavelotain). Thanks to sufficient signalmen found in time as well as a handy change of course. Group start? Often a social event for mountain bikers, but it will be possible for recreational bikers. For the chrono riders, at least on day 1 and possibly also on day 2, due to the nature of the start run, we will opt for 4 starting blocks towards the start chrono mat a few kilometers further. This is to avoid congestion and unnecessary nervous hassle on the ravel.


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Practical information towards the start of LCMT in Stavelot

Anyone who has booked a stay in La Fraineuse (ADEPS center, Avenue Amédée Hesse in Spa) will find an overview of all allocated rooms or chalets under this LINK. Practical information (such as key pick-up) is also explained there.

In this news item we also provide a lot of practical information about the start of the first LCMT in 3 years, for the first time in Stavelot.

* collection of starter packs in the STAVELOT sports hall: for CYCLO, TRIATHLON and COMBI only on Thursday morning (1st stage start) between 7:45 am and 9:45 am - for MTB and CROSS-DUATHLON it is also possible to pick up on Thursday afternoon between 4 and 6 pm in the same Stavelot sports hall to pick up your package. The pick-up time there is also planned on the morning of the first stage, so Friday 27 May from 07:45.

* parking in and around Stavelot is very accessible. Most parking zones are free. Here's a brief overview:

- near the sports hall and at the football stadium of RCS Stavelot (in front of the football stadium, however NOT on Thursday morning because there is also a tourist bike ride there)

- along the Route de Challes

- at the abbey (drive up to the back)

- Stavelot market square (but bumpy cobblestones there)

- near the shopping center (e.g. at Okay...)

- Spa Racing: corner of Rue St.-Laurent and Route de Malmédy

If you don't mind a little warm-up: 5 km from the start in Malmédy, there are also a lot of car parks, including at the local football stadium of RFC Malmundaria.


* GPS files will be delivered to all participants via DIRECT E-MAIL and this at the latest 3 days before the start. Why not sooner? To accommodate late course changes if they still need to be implemented.

* Interested in sports massage after the ride(s): reserve your place already on this phone number: +32 485 94 50 45 Massages will take place both at the arrival area (football stadium RCS Stavelot) and in the ADEPS center of La Fraineuse, but this last only in the evenings. The COMPEX electrostimulation devices will also be available to recover the tired muscles as quickly as possible.

* finish of each chrono stage: under the finish arc, only the start mat will only be passed after a run-up phase, this to avoid 'traffic jams' and drumming.

* roadbook with all further practical information will be emailed to every participant in the weekend before the start. However, most information about the course and starting times can already be found on this website.

* yes, there's filming again! Our video team will try to portray the event nicely with daily videos and impressions.

* from now on no more cancellations possible, unless you introduce a replacement yourself (on May 18, 1 week before the start), so no more free transfers. Thank you for understanding.

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All lodgings in the LCMT hotel of chalet SOLD OUT

Lodgings that could be booked thoughout our own organisation are SOLD OUT now.

Reservations need to be paid only in January as small price increase is still possible. 


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Lodgings via LCMT organisation: how does it work?

Anyone who has requested an LCMT arrangement for the covid-cancelled event '21 in La Fraineuse (ADEPS center) now has PRIORITY to refresh his booking for next year's edition. After 15 November '21 ALL SUBSCRIBED PARTICIPANTS will be invited to book the remaining accommodation capacity.
What is available today to book through the LCMT organization itself in La Fraineuse?
Chalets (3 to max. 5 persons)
Basic Room (4 to 6 person rooms)
Olympic Room (4 person rooms)
Please note that in and around Spa, there is a lot of accommodation for holidays. Rooms, hotels or holiday houses... Don't wait too long though.
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Newsletter 18 March: Time to order your LCMT-outfit!

We have prepared the new collection of LCMT-cycle wear! Have a look on the picture down below.

Whether you are in for competition and so obtaining the leaders shirt, or take no risk and order this magnificent cycling shirt online using the Bio-Racer/LCMT-webshop! Top quality of Bio-Racer and a very tastful design! Also customized with your name on the back-side of the jersey. 

Use this link to find your suitable cyclewear - the webshop will be open till 30 March!

 Another souvenir - which ALL participants will receive as a gift - is the souvenir-T-shirt! All you need to do here is fill in your size and whether you are masculin or feminin. Use this Link for the LCMT-souvenir-T-shirt

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Newsletter 5 May '19: your size for the T-shirt, choosing dinner in big tent? and other practical info!

Here is the English version!

The LCMT is getting closer. A while ago you got a newsletter containing the question to your own souvenir t-shirt. This t-shirt is a classic but also unique gift for any LCMT participant. If you have not already passed the required size, then this may still up to 8 may by in the t-shirt-link to open this form. Please note: after May 8, can no longer be your size and you get a t-shirt that we have in stock.

Supper in large tent by the RESC Houffaloise soccer stadium

Many participants this year not staying in the hotel but booked a gite or holiday cottage. There are also participants who stay in mobile homes. We know in these people the opportunity to take dinner at the start/finish zone. We provide together with the local football club in an excellent bar and catering. There will be a large tent next to the football stadium. A local caterer is responsible for delicious and sumptuous meals. The meals must be reserved in advance. Dinner keeps going by starting from 18 h 45. The price is €17 per person per night including dessert. Only drink is not included but will be at a very reasonable price available in the football club run by the ' bar '.


Subscribe for dinners using this link: pick your LCMT-dinner! You get afterwards the deposited amount confirmation. In the start package provided at the inscriptions the paid food coupons will be attached.

è cost for 2 dinners: EUR 34 (at the latest on May 24, your payment by bank transfer ougt to be completed)
è for 3 dinners you will pay 51 EUR (e.g. triathlon, Combi-tour or if you wish to dine ' evening before ' already on Thursday...)

Thursday 30 may: 
Ø evening buffet with cold vegetables
Ø lasagna maison
Ø penne carbonnarra
Ø macaroni with vegetables and tomato sauce
Ø French bread
Ø chocolate mousse



Friday May 31: 
Ø evening buffet with cold vegetables and cold pasta
Ø paella with vegetables, cod, prawns, chicken, chorizo
Ø French bread
Ø fruit salad

Saturday 1 June: 
Ø evening buffet with cold vegetables and cold pasta
Ø grilled ham with brown sauce
Ø dish of mixed vegetables
Ø panna cota with raspberries

What distances do you choose? XL, large or medium?

And because we hope to gather now all preparational feedback from you, we ask you to  indicate what distance you want to bike daily. That is certainly for the practical organisation of the CHRONO-formulas of importance.

Please note that who has chosen “CHRONO”, you will only be classfied in the FINAL STANDINGS if you cycled/biked each stage for either “XL” or either “Large”. Who switches between XL and large may get a ranking of the day, but obviously not in a ' final score '. For the rest we would like to know the estimated number of cyclists/bikers per distance in function of splitting our supplies along the trail.


 a number of practical guidelines, which you soon will receive again also in your info-Road book (digitally sent a few days before the start). 

Ø Bike Parking: to 19 h on the football field, afterwards at vayamundo
Ø massage: to 19 h on the football field, afterwards at vayamundo
Ø Bicycle mechanics of FietsSOS and Bicycle-Fix! See the message on the facebook page of Saturday 4 may as well as under ' partners ' (sponsors) a word of explanation.
Ø doctor: between 6 pm and 7 pm + also after 8.30 pm there is consultation possible at hotel Vayamundo (room next to the massage on the ground floor)
Ø Bicycle cleaning: in two places possible, directly to the finish to the football stadium as well as still at Hotel Vayamundo
Ø showers: the accommodation of RESC Houffaloise football club and if you stay in hotel in your room of course. Please note: hotel requires an extra amount if you  still want to keep the room in the afternoon on the final day. You better arrange this with the front desk at Vayamundo.

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FAQ: How daily starts will be organized? (+ video presentation LCMT2019)

CLICK HERE for LCMT 2019 video presentation...

Escorted by police & organisation vehicles from hotel towards daily official start

Riders staying at the hotel Vayamundo are given the facility to cycle with the group at a leisurely pace to official starting point, the RESC Houffaloise football stadium. The organisation provides safe guidance in consultation with local police. We cycle through the center of Houffalize, avoiding the steap St.-Roch climbing and following the main road 'Rue de Bastogne', till we go back right arriving at the football stadium. A good warming up! Daily departure : 30 minutes before official start from car parking nearby hotel Vayamundo. Riders who stay elsewhere of course may join the group! Still everybody is free to make it at the official start by his/her own means (even using your car as there is enough parking nearby the stadium). 
Shortcut to start with Saint-Roch climbing (112 ascent meters) is a matter of personal choice (2,3 km 'shorter').

This group escorted warming up ride will take approximately 15-20 minutes. Still a bit of time left to install yourself in the start-boxes.

Start boxes, what?

Especially for the mountainbike contest we work with start boxes. First day = 50 first registrated mountainbikers + top 10 of last year's edition in BOX 1. They start behind organisation and police cars on a neutralized downhill (big road), before going left and climbing the Saint-Roch hill. On that moment OFFICIAL START will be given. In the mean time second group follows a minute later also behind ORGANISATION CAR. But this group will have closed the gap with Group 1 just before starting the climbing of Saint-Roch.
Finally BOX 3 = all fun-bikers (no competition): as a fun-biker you are allowed to start with group 2. Or you stay in BOX 3, waiting until first passage (after Saint-Roch) of the others. On that moment all fun-mountainbikers can follow the competition bikers, without having done the steap Saint-Roch climbing.
On day 2 and day 3 BOX 1 will be filled up according to your general standings!

How does daily start procedure works for ROADTOUR-riders?

On day 1 and 3, the stage starts straight south-east or south-west,immediately along smoothly up and down roads. No 'steap' wall-climbing in the start! On day 2, the whole group goes down back to Houffalize center behind ORGANISATION & POLICE cars. Afther having crossed Houffalize town, official start will be given once we are on the road up to La Roche. 

How does it work if you are a CROSS-DUATLETE?

Cross-duathlon is part of the 3 days mountainbike tour. All cross-duatletes start 5 minutes before official start of MOUNTAINBIKE-tour is given. Thev have a 6 km trial run to do first. After getting back at the finish/startzone, they pick up their mountainbikes in a guarded parking box and they start the LARGE-stage (not the XL-distances!). After the biking part another trial run of 6 km has to be done.

more detailed info under the webpage INFO/GENERAL INFO)

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Thanks to all riders, bikers, but also to our crew members and sponsors! Up to LCMT 2018 (20nd edition)!

We want to express our gratitude to all participants, to all crew members and to all our sponsors for being all essential members of this tropical LCMT-experience!

We can announce already that although we do not think it still can be 'hotter' after this year's edition, the 2018 LCMT (10 - 13 May) will be great again. 

All riders will receive a digital inquiry in which you can give your opinion on several services. As a matter of fact, if less is more, we are convinced that our next step will be a bit less work for current people who run this event during the whole year and put their shoulders under the whole package during the 4 days. So we will start up the searching for a few extra high quality assistants who can take over some of the responsabilties. You can help us to keep up this already high standards by spreading the news. As for the competition riders we apologize not being able to publish the final results on day 3. Some technical problems with the time registrations urged us to wait another night before launching this online. We also will consider this aspect as a priority for our competition tour. It's an aspect that needs to be outsourced completely, so we only co-operate with a time registration company that does take this in a 100% engagement.
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Do you still have to finish your payment? How to log in and check your data?

Check your data and verify your payment. How much still to pay? Or has it been confirmed already by our administration? This is how you manage:
  • Button 'to subscribe' or go straight to
  • Use your e-mailaddress (the one you used to subscribe) + password
  • Lost your password? Ask a new one -->will be sent automatically to your mailbox
  • You have access again to verify what you wanted. And you can see also if your payment has been verified by us (status!)
  • If it seems something is not as you thought to have asked for, contact us! Also if something must be changed. Only our 'admin' has the facility to modify anything on your participation.
  • What can be done by you? If you are main-booker, it's only you that has the power to add another cyclist under your name.

Do I choose for mountainbike, road cycling of both? Or even triathlon or cross-duathlon!

A hard choice to make since we have 3 days of mountainbiking and 3 days of road cycling in this LCMT-event.
3 more options are now to be considered: the 'combination tour', whicht is on day 1 & 3 = use your road bicycle; on day 2 & 4 = go on your mountainbike!
Or you may ride the 4 days triathlon "King of the Ardennes": running, swimming and 3 days road cycling + final day on the mountainbike!
Now to complete our story we added the cross-duathlon: 3 days mountainbike, but also 2 times a day a trail run is waiting for you! Make a choice and achieve your personal goals!

Wat wordt het straks voor jou? 

  1. MOUNTAINBIKE: 3-daagse 31/5 - 2/6 keuzes uit COMPETITIE XL-afstand, COMPETITIE 'large-afstand' en RECREATIEF (XL, Large of Medium-afstand)
  2. CYCLO: weg-3-daagse 30/5 - 1/6 keuze uit CHRONO (goud - zilver - brons) XL-afstand of Large-afstand en RECREATIEF (XL, Large of Medium-afstand)
  3. COMBI-TOUR: vierdaagse 30/5 - 2/6 enkel COMPETITIEF XL-afstand (dag 1 en 3 op de koersfiets, dag 2 en 4 op de mountainbike, laatste dag wel slechts de 'large'-mtb)
  4. TRIATHLON: vierdaagse 30/5 - 2/6 enkel  COMPETITIEF maar 2 afstandkeuzes zijnde XL-triathlon en 'Large'-triathlon (bij dit laatste fiets je 3 dagen 'Large'-cyclo). 3 dagen op de koersfiets, laatste dag 'Large'-MTB, aangevuld met loop- en zwemproeven (details onder triathlon-pagina).
  5. CROSS-DUATHLON: 3-daagse 31/5 - 2/6 enkel COMPETITIEF, dagelijks eerst 6 km lopen, dan de 'Large-MTB-etappe' en finaal nog eens 6 km lopen.

How to arrange lodgings?

If you want the best price, subscribe NOW! 
With or without our hotel formula? This is entirely up to you! Go to our REGISTER page. First things first = to subscribe for our cycling & mountainbike tour, make a choice whether you want to mountainbike, cycle on road bike. Or perhaps you prefer the 'combi'-formula, the challenge of triathlon or cross-duathlon.
Also to be mentionned under mountainbike or road tour: with or without timings.

For your lodgings, several options available, but most participants will first check facilities in Vayamundo Hotel in Houffalize. This hotel will keep all rooms 'exclusively' for LCMT-riders untill 30 November only.

Of course, it's also possible to arrange your own lodgings elsewhere. Anyway, one can subscribe only till the LCMT is fully booked (600 tickets). By subscribing before New Yearsday, you are allowed only to pay a 100 EUR downpayment. The rest can be done before end of February. Cancelling is still possible, read our special terms on that particular subject in 'regulations' (under INFO).

What kind of a cyclist am I?

What kind of a cyclist am I?
If you can say YES to one of the following describings, the LCMT is certainly typecasted for you!

  • Competitive cyclist and having a good basic condition & well trained? --> choose XL-rides with or without time registration
  • Recreative biker but pretty well trained and you are kicking on climbings (and downhills)? --> choose the XL or why not someday a Large-track >
  • You kick on competition but on shorter distances? --> from now on also the 'large'-distance in our mountainbike tour will result in a seperate ranking. Same story for our triathlon!
  • Recreative biker with busy job and sometimes a lack of training time? --> use the LCMT tour to get in your best shape again! --> go for  ‘medium’-distances or perhaps the 'large'-stages!

La Fraineuse in Spa, fantastic new accommodation for LCMT 2022 !

No doubt, this will be the LCMT's best-facilitated start and finish area ever! The move to Spa promises nothing but good. A year later than anticipated, covid ghost you know, Biking Events is up to cruising speed to give the 22nd LCMT a new dynamic.

Not only are we heading for a record number of participants (little compensation for 2 years of nothing...), above all there is the new drive that comes from the enthusiasm in and around Spa. The LCMT will settle in La Fraineuse, at the foot of the "Château" of the same name. A Grand Cru château in terms of sports facilities, because it has been set up as an ADEPS sports centre. You pass the Hotel Olympic just a little earlier when you enter the Avenue Amédée Hesse.

As for the triathletes, we are seeking permission to swim in the nearby Lac de Warfooz. But it is above all the extensive and versatile accommodation and sports infrastructure on the domain of La Fraineuse itself that fits LCMT 2022 like a glove.

Siteplan explanation

Take a look at the plan of the site. You see the hall of sports at the entrance where you can pick-up your starting package. You also see 2 big parkings. Chalet residents have their own parking (see at the bottom of the plan).

The meeting point at the start is basically at the foot of the castle, on the edge of the athletics track. Because the mountain biker peloton will be quite large, the fun riders (non-competition) will take up positions on the football field.

The dispatch of the organization will be located in an outbuilding next to the château. The Red Cross, the doctor's office and the massage team will also be installed there. The mechanics are nearby the same building before and after the stages. A covered, semi-open courtyard and a lockable room in the building are provided exclusively for bicycle mechanical support.

How to reach the finish?

How do mountainbikers reach the finish? The purple line shows the trajectory. An off-road single track actually runs parallel there and may be roped off for off-road bikers. The road itself is in fact currently off-road as it is in pretty bad condition. The municipality of Spa normally provides this with a new asphalt layer before the start of the LCMT. Then racing cyclists can also reach the finish line using this track. If those works are not completed in time, a 'ravel' runs parallel to this path just outside the domain. It's just a little smaller. We have to wait and see how quickly the new asphalt top layer will come, but in itself it is not a disadvantage to take the parallel ravel.

In and around the arrival area there is plenty of room for appropriate decoration of the event. And finally, at the water basin, you can see where the bike wash will be located. In short, in terms of clarity and facilities, both participants and organization will lack for nothing in La Fraineuse. Spa, here we come!

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