LCMT 2023


Time to get your ICONIC LCMT-Jersey!

Now it is time to order your ICONIC jersey of LCMT: CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO!

Link to the webshop!

No better souvenir to bring home after your Ardennes cycling adventure in LCMT! Our LCMT-webshop under Bio-Racer is open till 7 March! Same shirts will be the leader jerseys in different competitive formats. But even as a fun-biker/rider you will be pride to wear it an bring it home. Also available: winter-vests or sleeveless summer shirts! All orders and payments are done straight between you and our manufacturer, Bio-Racer. They will provide all products in time, so we can give you what you ordered on Day 1 of the LCMT.

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Newsletter 18 March: Time to order your LCMT-outfit!

We have prepared the new collection of LCMT-cycle wear! Have a look on the picture down below.

Whether you are in for competition and so obtaining the leaders shirt, or take no risk and order this magnificent cycling shirt online using the Bio-Racer/LCMT-webshop! Top quality of Bio-Racer and a very tastful design! Also customized with your name on the back-side of the jersey. 

Use this link to find your suitable cyclewear - the webshop will be open till 30 March!

 Another souvenir - which ALL participants will receive as a gift - is the souvenir-T-shirt! All you need to do here is fill in your size and whether you are masculin or feminin. Use this Link for the LCMT-souvenir-T-shirt

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LCMT 2019 open now: go to subscribe page

TIK TAK TIK TAK... de klok telt af naar 15 september 10u15... Inschrijvingen heropenen... voor de grote start op respectievelijk 30 (koersfiets) en 31 (MTB) mei 2019. Dan gaat de 21ste editie van de LCMT van start in Houffalize. Met een nieuwe en ruimere start/finish-omgeving op en rondom de voetbalsite van RESC Houffaloise en met alweer enkele nieuwe extra formules zoals de cross-duathlon. Qua fietsaanbod oogt het plaatje nu compleet met meer dan ooit voor elk wat wils. Uiteraard blijft de ongeëvenaarde mountainbike-tour tot de verbeelding spreken. Competitief of recreatief! Nu ook met een echte competitieformule op de iets kortere afstand (large). Wie voor 30 november inschrijft kan - zolang de voorraad strekt - het hotelarrangement in Vayamundo erbij nemen, voortaan wel apart te boeken (hotel-policy). 
Ga naar de inschrijvingspagina op deze website en maak uw keuze duidelijk! 

Verder blijven we onze hoge kwaliteitsnormen getrouw en wordt in de komende weken en maanden alweer duidelijk dat de LCMT een op en top 'gesoigneerd' evenement blijft. Intussen ook terug met onze Borzée-etappe (MTB-liefhebbers) richting La Roche op dag 1. Waardoor de gewaardeerde nieuwe start-etappe van 2018 meteen de slotrit wordt in 2019!
Ook op de racefiets zal terug over de Col de Haussire worden geklauterd, al proberen we ook zoveel mogelijk Oostkanton-wegen te behouden.
Tot slot: triathlonvrienden, je krijgt de keuze uit 2 afstanden. Een iets lichtere (maar noem het géén 'light'!) versie naast de zware 'King of the Ardennes'. En wat cross-duathlon betreft, daar voegen we het loopparcours tweemaal daags toe aan voor hen een 'large' (géén XL dus) afstand op de mountainbike! Voor triatleten en duatleten geldt dat we pas later naar uw afstandskeuzes zullen vragen. Dus bij uw inschrijving nog géén melding maken van welke versie u verkiest. Idem voor de competitie-mountainbikers die op de 'large' willen gaan uitblinken (apart klassement daar naast de XL-afstanden).

WELKOM BACK en voor wie nog nooit van LCMT heeft gehoord: KOM PROEVEN EN WORD OOK LCMT-VERSLAAFD!

PS: in de komende dagen en weken wordt nog volop aan de update van de website gewerkt, zie bv. parcours en dergelijke...
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LCMT supporting Cycling for Life (one week before re-opening the subscribe page for LCMT 2019)

LCMT is also a social organisation. Coming weekend we support the Cycling for Life happening in Beselare (close to Passendale and Ypres)!

Time to get your personalized LCMT-outfit! Go to the Bio-Racer webshop to order it!

Are you one of the happy 600 riders that will start in LCMT 2018? Time to get your personalized LCMT-outfit! Superb quality bikewear made by Bio-Racer. Make your choice between the 4 models (depending on type of rider you are: mtb, road, combi or triathlon). These shirts will also be the leader-jersey's, but every one is a winner in LCMT. So every rider can get such a beautiful outfit!  

Only temporary open the webshop, if you want to be sure of receiving your order at the start of the event: click on this LINK and start to enjoy shopping in the world of Bio-Racer, Belgium's greatest bikewear manufacturer! 

A warming up movie can be watched on our LCMT-Channel: PROMOTIONAL MOVIE
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Let LOVE rule in the new significance of our LCMT-brand: welcome to LOVE Cycling Mountainbiking Triathlon!

20th edition of a landmark in its genre, that should be celebrated. And then you present yourself at you very best. So the new cover of our proud flag sounds as such: LOVE CYCLING MOUNTAIN BIKING TRIATHLON. In the next years (and hopefully much longer)it will be the new subtitle of LCMT.
  • Because multisporting is really boosting.
  • Because LOVE apparently more than a 'LIFE' for the bike, or maybe a little too social media-liking LIKE over-ruled this open 'poll'. 
  • LOVE, that is love for your sport, but it breathes also the typical 'warm' and jovial atmosphere where LCMT more than any other event. And the mission to which we commit ourselves: ensure that 'love' is always the red wire. Friendships maintained, or in the LCMT fresh new relationships can be made. To help and assist each other. And for us who organize it: our participants are more than just customers. We continue to 'care for them.
  • THANK YOU FOR THE MANY WHO HAVE VOTED! Here is the score distribution in a beautiful statistic. And in the meantime also congratulations to the 5 cycle-shirt-winners:XAVIER VERMEEREN, STIJN DE KEYSER, THOMAS beirnaert, aged WESLEY ROSE and BERRY OOMEN, you get a bike-shirt customized with your application in Houffalize mid-may! 
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New name for the LCMT: choose your favourite subtitle now!

20 years is a lot of time, so from Low Countries' Mountainbike Tour over Luxembourg Cycling & Mountainbike Tour (since 2014), we consider the moment mature to change our name again. Of course, nobody will touch the 'holy' LCMT-abbreviation. But on its significance we want to follow our recent evolutions.

Make your choice and perhaps you win the new LCMT-cycle shirt from Bio-Racer...
Use this link:

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Leader jerseys LCMT 2017: mountainbike, combi-tour, triathlon + SOCKS for all of you

Superb quality these leader jerseys: general leader in mountainbike (left) and daily celebration... General leaders also in the COMBI-tour and triathlon. Best Master, Youngster and Lady also get a similar jersey in the end! The 'souvenir-bikeshirt for all participants is very similar to the over-all MTB-leader! Still interested? Hurry up to the special order- use this LINK!
We are also happy to announce that ALL LCMT RIDERS CAN RECEIVE A PAIR OF BIKE-SOCKS8 All you have to do is fill in your foot-size. Use this link

Ask now your personalized LCMT-bike shirt and short + socks!

Don't wait any longer if you want to be member of the selected group of proud LCMT-wearing bikers and cyclists! April 1st is last moment to place the order if you want to get this shirt at the start. 

Click here to order!
Not to forget: do your payment at the same time. We only send through paid orders to Bio-Racer. Thanks for your understanding.

WIN2 & Telenet new partners of the LCMT event

WIN2 is the official supplier for all isotone sportdrinks during and after (recovery) the coming LCMT. Together with WIN2 also TELENET, famous telecommunication company will be a logistic partner of the coming event in the Belgian & Luxembourg Ardennes. Welcome @ WIN2! Welcome @ Telenet! We are proud and happy to announce these two new sponsor partners of the Luxembourg Cycling & Mountainbike Tour.

Wanted: retro stories going back in time

We look forward to get your stories about your earlier LCMT-adventures. Knowing well that the LCMT once started as a big adventure in 1999, we have achieved already 96 LCMT-stages untill now! As the May 2017 edition is number 19 for mountainbikers, in fact one should count even this as the number 20, since in 2002 we organized 2 LCMT's in one year: the open tour in May and the specific UCI-tour called LCMT-FLANDERS won by Dutch professional Bas van Dooren in August of the same year. So it's time to get the old heroic stories now for our Golden Book. If you have your personal LCMT-memory, send it through including pictures! You may win some of our valuable prices! Use the contact formular, the e-mail address and the Facebook page! We are looking forward to hear from you.

Congratulations to LILIANE MEGANCK, she wins the Poppyshirt (Armistice action)

Liliane Meganck from Brasschaat near Antwerp has subscribed for the LCMT Road Tour during the 24 hours of our Armistice action. She was one of many but so lucky to be drawn! Shirt and bikeshort will be sent to her place now, after telling us her size-details. To check these visit:!

11 November-action today: get your LCMT-participation & win the official Poppyshirt & -short as well!

Armistice Day on November 11th, 98 years after the Great War finally took an end. Today’s special offer for those who subscribe for next spring’s Luxemburg Cycling & Mountainbike Tour: you can win the offical Poppyshirt & bikehort if you subscribe between 11.00 hours (moment when the Armistice was officially declared) and 11.00 hrs tomorrow (November, 12th). One of you will receive this unique present (it will be sent to your homeplace). All other subscribers (if you are a registrated LCMT-2017-rider) during this 24 hours have also the unique opportunity to order now such a Poppyshirt for €45 only. Normal price = €57 (bodyfit model). If you are not living in Belgium only €5 extra shipment costs will be charged. Use the contact formular and give us your size number. Just to help you: visit the Poppyshirt website:


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