LCMT 2022


Don't be afraid of winter: 30 SEVEN products warm you for the cheapest price (action till January 1st)

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You are a lucky LCMT-rider in May? Enjoy also special benefits: heated winter jacket or heated foot soles, all made by 30 SEVEN.

  • Water repellent Softshell jacket with removable Novaheat® heating up element. It will keep your upperbody warm and dry! Breathing textile and heated with the innovative Novaheat® warming up element. You just recharge the 2 lithium-ion batteries after use. And you adjust temperature to the wanted level. Official retail price: 239 €. As a LCMT-rider, subscribing before New Yearsday (and receiving all payments before January 7th) it only costs 65 € (+10 EUR shipment costs if you don't want to wait till the event starts in May). It's possible - nor further cost - to receive the jacket with LCMT-logo print.
  • Immediate link to order this great product.
  • Second product: avoid icecold feet while cycling! Choose the 30 SEVEN soles - ergonomically formed - including rechargable lithium-ion batteries (8 hours long lasting). Official retail price = 199 € LCMT price = ONLY 65 € + 10 € shipment costs. Once again the link to order
  • Finally, no more froozen hands either: get the warmed handgloves for only €85 


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