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FAQ & video presentation

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You can see a video presentation concerning the 1ste Flanders Fields Gravel Tour by clicking HERE !



1) Can I also participate in the Flanders Fields Gravel Tour with an MTB or cyclocross bike?

Answer: yes, on day 3 the “Roubaix stage” is even possible with a regular racing bike provided that you choose an appropriate (thicker) tire choice. Stage 2 is very suitable on a mountain bike if you do not (yet) have a gravel bike. We are currently investigating whether there are gravel bike manufacturers who would like to rent out some gravel bikes for promotion and testing for these three days. And what are the conditions for using such a bicycle for 3 days? It goes without saying that the bicycle must be returned in the same condition afterwards. The possibility of subsequent purchases must also be included in this rental option.


2) Can I handle those daily distances?

Answer: There are also shorter versions every day with the exception of the opening stage. At 123 km, the 1st ride is also not something for untrained legs. But we assume that anyone who opts for the full 3 days will be able to easily digest those largely flat 123 km. Given the time of year (end of May), anyone who includes this Flanders Fields Gravel Tour in their program should have sufficient preparation time to be able to physically handle this. For comparison: the Ardennes stages in the LCMT mountain bike tour were always around 90 km, unpaved, many elevation meters and even the often rocky descents required effort and energy.


3) What do I get for my registration amount?

Answer: a high-quality Herfenking cycling jersey, retail value €79, is automatically included in the package. Both for those who ride the full 3-day event and those who can only cycle the weekend stages. Furthermore, the goodie bag is not to be missed, €10 goes to the good “make PEACE not war cause" and you will of course enjoy the signposted top course, supplies, technical assistance, etc. We are convinced that you will come for either the 3-day or Only the weekend formula gives you a lot of value for your money.


4) Can I get accommodation through the organization?

Answer: the youth hotel 'De Iep' already makes 60 beds available that can be booked through the organization. The price for this will be very democratic. In any case, with breakfast and the rooms, which usually have 4 beds, can also be filled by 2 or by 3 without additional costs being charged to the participants. We are also looking at 2 or 3 other similar complexes in the nearby area to see if the same is possible. As soon as a concrete quote has been agreed with those accommodations, you will be able to book them directly online with us. If you are interested, please send an email in advance so that we can keep you informed.


5) How is the 'chrono' organized?

Answer: either via Strava (most people already know this principle, the technical explanation is communicated to everyone anyway. Or via a specialized company. However, for the latter - especially because it is the 1st Flanders Fields Gravel Tour - we require a minimum number of participants who are willing to pay an additional amount of EUR 10 for this. Or we must succeed in finding a sponsor for this (currently the plan) so that every participant can participate in that chrono formula at no additional cost. 2 demarcated chrono zones are organized every day. provided for this time recording. The intention is of course that outside those chrono zones you respect the highway code as well as other road users. How long will those 'chrono zones' be? This depends on their selectivity and the permission to work with signalers here (at any crossings or turns). The 'chrono' remains unofficial. The Flanders Fields Gravel Tour is therefore not an official cycling race or 'race'.



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