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History Tour LCMT2003@2005 : prestigious winners and a fast growing starting 'peloton'!

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LCMT 2005 : West-Vlamingen én Nederlanders boven

Winner LCMT 2005 : Niek LINGIER (BEL)

Second : Peter Coddens (3:28:29)

Third : Peter Verhoeven (3:32:25)

Fourth : Patrick Peeters (NED) (3:32:57)

Fifth : Jeffrey Taveirne (3:32:54)

Interclubtrofee : Funky Racing Team

Honourable mentionning: Sigrid Rondelez the only woman that finished all stages in very bad weather conditions. 

LCMT 2004: De Nef's second over-all victory

Winner LCMT 2004 : Kris DE NEF (BEL) (2nd victory)

Second : Peter Maes

Third : Marnix Pielaet

Fourth : Hans Planckaert

Fifth : Eric Gugelot

Interclubtrophy : Xtreme Bikers from Begijnendijk (3th consecutive time!) 

LCMT 2003: Brems, young star discovers himself

Winner LCMT 2003 : Bjorn BREMS (BEL)

2nd : Ludo Lefever

3th : Kris De Nef

4th : Jeffrey Taveirne

5th : Hans Planckaert

Interclubtrophy : Xtreme Bikers from Begijnendijk

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